Impresario 2017 Vocal Category features four stages of competition: the blind auditions, the qualifying round, the knockouts and the finals.

Blind Auditions

Dates/Time: 8 December 2016 (12-6pm), 9 December 2016 (12-7pm), 10 December 2016 (12-6pm)
Venue: Lee Wei Song School of Music

Contestants will perform a song of their choice. In this stage, the coaches will listen to the contestants without seeing them so they can only judge the contestant based on his or her voice alone. If the coaches like what they hear from that contestant, they can put him/her through to the qualifying round immediately. All other contestants will be given a pending status. At the end of the blind auditions round, the coaches will select from the pool of pending contestants to fill up the remaining spots in the qualifying round. There are a total of 30 spots in the qualifying round. The results for this round will be released on 11 December 2016. 

The Qualifying Round
Date: 18 December 2016
Venue: Nanyang Technological University

Contestants will perform a song of their choice. At the end of the round, each of the three coaches will form a team of 4. 

Once the teams are set, the battle is on. Coaches will arrange for mentoring session with their team members. Each contestant will also have an opportunity to perform at Shuffle Bistro Bar.

The Knockouts
Date: 4 February 2017
Venue: Bugis+

In this round, the coaches pit two of their own team members against each other. The pairings will be done by balloting before the performances so the contestants will not know who they’re up against until the day of the competition. Contestants will perform a song of their choice. The coaches will evaluate the contestants while each of them sings, and select one member to keep on their team at the end of both performances. By the end of the round, each team will have 2 members

The Finals
Date: 18 March 2017 (Full Dress Rehearsal)
19 March 2017 (Actual)
Venue: Nanyang Auditorium (Nanyang Technological University)

There will be 2 rounds in The Finals.

Battle Round
During the Battle Round, the remaining 2 members of each team will compete in a sing-off. Each pair performs a duet (maximum 4 minutes) picked out by their coach.

At the end of the performance, audience members will have a chance to vote for their favourite contestant from each team. The contestant with a higher score will move on to the next round – the Final Performance.

Final performance

In this final phase of the competition, the best contestant from each team will compete against each other. Contestants can prepare any song they want, to give the coaches and the audience a better sense of who they are.